Asian style T-Shirt

Concerns about the environment

We are helping to introduce new technique that uses recycled PET Bottles to create green fibers together with an Eco-Max sub-concept that focuses on conserving water while manufacturing things. The manufacturer has attained a number of international standards that assure responsible management in all three aspects of sustainability: society, environment, and economics. OEKO-TEX, GRS standard for yarn and fiber recycling, Green Label, and other certifications were obtained. GRS accreditation for sustainable organizations, in particular, ensures the restoration of important environmental services as well as enhanced social standards. Furthermore, the manufacturer rigorously monitor waste disposal so that water consumption is minimized by the use of installing engineer water treatment. As a result, wastewater usage will be reduced and energy consumption will be reduced, which will benefit both individuals and the planet as a whole.

These garments are easily disposed of when there is a change in fashion, contributing to massive cloth waste in landfills. Due to quick disposal, the waste being generated is high as never seen before. It’s time we stop contributing to fast fashion and forcing additional resources to be utilized. One way can be by the usage of Recycled PET bottle T-shirts. These are made from 100 percent recycled synthetic polymers and are eco-friendly.

Benefits of a Recycled Plastic T-shirt 

  • 50% less energy used for production

  • 55% fewer carbon emissions

  • Fewer energy emissions

  • Zero water and soil requirement for production

  • Comfortable and breathable fabric

  • Long-lasting and sustainable

  • Suitable for wear and tear use

T-Shirts are hand-drawn on a drawing tablet by a team of artists that focus on animal illustration and apply them to themes like Japanese culture, martial arts and mythologies. All Tee`s in this collection are made with digital printing for a detailed image and a soft feel to the shirt.

These T shirts are fitting smaller than usual, we recommend to take a size up or follow our size chart.